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TABC Violations

Our liquor lawyers regularly represent hospitality industry businesses throughout Texas and know the process, rules and TABC Code to get the best results. TABC violations are not only costly, but also can put a TABC permit in jeopardy, and can even negate the Safe Harbor Defense in the event the business is sued under the Texas Dram Shop Act. Businesses can, and oftentimes should, contest these violations. Many times TABC violations are dismissed even before being tried at hearing before the State Office Of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).

Common TABC Violations Include:

  • Sale to Intoxicated Persons

  • Sale to Minors

  • Subterfuge

  • Sale During Prohibited Hours

  • Intoxicated Permittee/Employee

  • Inspection Refusal

  • Failure to Report a Breach of the Peace

  • Failure to Prevent a Breach of the Peace

Deciding Whether to Settle or Request a Hearing

Our TABC law attorneys know exactly how to evaluate an alleged TABC violation and determine the likelihood of getting the violation dismissed or prevailing at hearing. We are among the best qualified attorneys in Texas with regard to representing businesses in TABC violation hearings. We will meet with the TABC on your behalf and attempt to have the violation dismissed informally. If that is unsuccessful, we will either proceed to hearing and will strongly advocate on your behalf, or will help you determine your best settlement options. 

Contact us today for any of your TABC licensing needs.

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