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TABC Audits 

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) periodically conducts audits of food and beverage certificate holders & private club permitees.

Food & Beverage Certificate TABC Audit

The main purpose of a food and beverage certificate audit is to determine whether a permittee's alcohol sales have been less than 60% of the gross revenue generated at the premises. An addition to the many benefits a food and beverage certificate provides business, it is also a requirement in some areas that are only wet for a mixed beverage permit that also holds a subordinate food and beverage certificate.

Our alcohol attorneys have extensive experience handling food and beverage certificate audits and can either help ensure your businesses remains compliant, or can provide you with alternatives if alcohol sales remain over 60%.

Private Club TABC Audit

A private club is an association of persons that allows for alcohol to be served to its members, even in a dry area (more info on private clubs can be found here). Private clubs must comply with many confusing and cumbersome requirements that other permittees do not. A guide published by the TABC of some the requirements for private clubs can be found here

When auditing a private club, the TABC will inspect the permittees' member and financial records, and can issue costly violations or even cancel a permit for non-compliance. In addition to forming hundreds of private clubs, our liquor lawyers know exactly how to prepare a private club for an upcoming TABC audit.

Our experienced TABC law attorneys and liquor law consultants are available to help you navigate the complex TABC rules and laws in the event your business or association is audited by the TABC. 

Contact us today if you receive a notice of upcoming audit from the TABC

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