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Dram Shop Defense 

An alcohol-selling business is prone to various liabilities. One of which is civil liability from a dram shop suit in which a competent dram shop defense attorney is needed. 

Dram Shop Law

The term Dram shop is used to describe any establishment that sells or serves alcohol. This includes bars, nightclubs, pubs, taverns, restaurants, and other similar establishments. To protect against irresponsible service of alcohol, the Texas Dram Shop Law was enacted. It is intended to protect the public from the hazards of continuing to serve alcohol to already intoxicated patrons.

Dram shop liability cases can impose civil liability upon a commercial business that serves alcohol to someone who is obviously intoxicated when that person goes on to injure themselves or another person.

Texas Dram Shop Defense Attorneys

Dram shop cases can be complicated and tricky. Our defense attorneys at Griffith and Hughes have successfully defended Texas dram shops from the perils of dram shop liability lawsuits. We take an aggressive approach and to help ensure that your business is protected.

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